Happy Anniversary HRR and Welcome Back “Did You Know!”

Fourteen years – hard to believe. Where were you in January of 2005? I’d love for you to comment on below, on Facebook or on our LinkedIn page. In honor of our anniversary, I’m bringing back the original concept of the “Did You Know” series. This short e-blast or mini-blog or however you want to refer to it was just a free tip or reminder to help you promote a #DramaFreeHR work environment in your organization.

We got fancy for a few years with more in-depth blogs; we got even fancier in 2018 with a full-fledged newsletter. Well, that just wasn’t me or HR Resolutions. Our entire premise is to provide YOU with the tools you need to work well with your employees. We never went away but I’m proud to return to our roots and the basics of the “Did You Know” series.

In January, we’ll focus on the OSHA log. Did you know? If you have more than 10 employees, you need to be ready to post your Summary Report from February 1 to April 30. It can be found on-line at osha.gov (but you should have been maintaining it through the entire year in 2018 so that “presto” or “poof” – your summary report is ready to go. You just need to add average number of employees worked AND total hours worked during the year.

Our next DYK will focus on the statistics you should gather from your OSHA log so that you can determine if you are safer than your peers – good stuff to know.

Not sure what an OSHA log is or how to use one? Shoot us an email and we’ll help you figure it all out to keep you OSHA Recordkeeping Compliant!

And, it’s great to be back!

All the best ~ Karen

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