Ghouls and goblins in the closet?

It’s no surprise that most job candidates have a few ghouls and goblins in their closet. But you would be surprised to know how often people are willing to share this personal information with you at a job interview. So how do you address this when recruiting and interviewing? Do you lure them out or do you throw a sheet over them and hope the ghost doesn’t appear? Here are three easy steps to getting only the info you truly need:

Start with the end in mind – You’ve heard me say this time and time again. Job descriptions are so important in finding the right candidate for the job. If you are looking to hire a monster or an alien, zombies need not apply.

Things you DO want to know — When recruiting, you do want to find out if there are any scary situations that you need to be aware of with past employers. Asking for recent references from a potential candidate not only gives you insight to their previous managers’ perspective, but also the opportunity to identify potential red flags in hiring this candidate.

Be specific in your questioning — When you start off an interview with “So, tell me about yourself” it can go in many different directions. Click here to read my personal experience. In order to avoid getting too much information it is important to say something like “So, tell me about yourself PROFESSIONALLY.”

Does your hiring process feel like a haunted house with skeletons and eerie creatures lurking around every corner? Contact us by 10/31/13 for a free 30-minute recruiting analysis and you’ll receive a FREE report: Four Simple Steps to Never Hiring the Wrong Person Again.

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