Gender Schmender

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I’m often asked what I do to combat gender inequality in the work place, and my answer may be shocking: I do nothing. To me, gender schmender. I don’t believe that gender inequality exists; in my experience, as an HR Manager, I just have NOT seen it. For those out there who want my advice? Here it is: to move up within your organization, find out what you need to do and do it.  Keep your nose down and work hard. Don’t complain, just work hard.

But I was also aware of my trajectory. I’ll never be a Fortune 500 CEO, but I don’t want to be one either. (Too many headaches, if you ask me.) I don’t have the educational background or past experience to make that happen. My not becoming CEO of Google or Apple has nothing to do with my gender. I’m simply not the right person for that job.

However, I did have the background, education, and passion to become an expert in my field: human resources. I found my passion in life, and I worked hard to learn everything I could about it — from first-hand experience on the job to continuing my education even today.

You can do the same, too. Regardless of whether you’re female or male, find what makes you happy in terms of career. Immerse yourself in that culture and continue to learn as much as you can about the field. Work ahead. Find out what needs to be done, and do it. Go the extra mile. And your gender won’t have anything to do with your progression through the company.

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