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Sometimes it’s easy to get too focused on certain areas for hiring. You know to go to career fairs and colleges to recruit. You use job searching websites like a pro. But are you overlooking some serious contenders? Thinking outside the standard corporate box can lead you to some truly exceptional candidates.

  • Your local Unemployment Office: In PA, it’s called Job Gateway (formerly CareerLink.) Did you know, you may be legally required to post every opening on these sites? And, it’s FREE!
  • Veterans: Don’t forget your veterans. They’ve already gone through extensive training and know how to work as part of a team for a common goal. Transitioning those skills into your workplace and culture won’t be hard. In my town, we have Fort Indiantown Gap, which is associated with the Pennsylvania National Guard, which is a wonderful resource. But across the country nearly every town has a veteran’s organization or a VA office.
  • Seniors: If you’re automatically think “old people” when you hear AARP, remember that you actually only have to be 50 to join, which means many of its members have LOTS of years left in their working life. Plus, with more seasoned candidates you know that they’ve got a lifetime worth of experience at their fingertips, and all you have to do is redirect it for your company.
  • People with Disabilities/People with Physical Challenges: Don’t discount those with physical and mental challenges within your hiring field. Remember, disabled does not mean unable to work. It means that someone is working with a physical challenge that may need accommodations. I think sometimes people overlook this part of the population because they’re not sure how to incorporate an individual with physical challenges into their work environment. But in reality there is a simple solution to that: contact your local nonprofit agencies that deal with individuals with disabilities and challenges. They’ll be able to help you determine what roles would be a good match and help with suggestions on how to make your workplace more accessible.
  • People in Transition/People Returning to the Work Force: There’s a misconception that when you make a job change, you should make more money. However, that’s not the case anymore. There are a number of reasons why someone might want a job change, and we shouldn’t discredit someone based solely on previous roles or salaries. Don’t discount someone because they’re stepping out of management and want to go back into customer service. First of all, they know enough of what they want that they’ve left a good position to start over. Second of all, there is value in having people who are knowledgeable about a number of positions and fields. Similarly, don’t discount someone who is returning to the workforce after taking time away.

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