Corporate Culture

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What is your corporate culture? Does it accurately reflect the company you envisioned? How is your message conveyed?

Company handbooks are the written documentation of your company’s culture. They are the best piece of internal advertising that you have for your company. Not only do they promote internal branding, they help drive your mission, vision, and values.

Handbooks also reflect your company’s personal tone and attitude. They help establish who you are and where you want to go, as well as setting a guideline for the quality of employees you are recruiting. Is your culture true to who you are as a company?

Benefits and Perks

Offering benefits is the one way you can set your organization apart and develop your company culture. More and more employers offer benefits to their part-time staff as well as their full-timers. They want quality workers who stay for years and this is a great way to achieve those goals. Benefits make a difference with recruiting quality workers, and they make a difference with retention.

If you study any of the best places to work, they are differentiating themselves on employee relations and perks. Anybody can offer medical, dental, and vision. Not everybody can and not everybody does offer flexible benefits, but it’s a great option to consider if you want to focus on employee satisfaction and retention. Keep in mind, benefits don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Perks are entirely employer funded with no employee contribution. They’re not insurance. They’re not backed by another company. They’re just extra things that we choose to give our employees to set ourselves apart from our competitors or to align our culture with our mission, vision, and values. What benefits and perks should you offer for your company to be the best place to work and draw the best candidates?

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