Because even the “coach” needs “a coach” I conclude my Coaches Handbook series with the following tips for change as shared by guest contributor Sylvia D. Hepler, President of Launching Lives, L.L.C  

Are YOU a leader who needs different and better results?  Take a look at these ten tips and implement two each day for a week.  See what happens!

  1. Match employee strengths to job duties. Passion plus skill yields productivity, loyalty, and joy.  Sow the seeds for exceptional work.

  2. Tell a story to prove a point. People are inspired by powerful stories, and they remember them.  Share mistakes you’ve made and what you learned.

  3. Pose open ended strategic questions. Ask the right question at the right time for the right reason.  Do it artfully and regularly.

  4. Take reasonable risks. Stretch an employee in a new direction.  Revise a familiar process.  Appoint a “boss for a day.”

  5. Mend messy relationships. Initiate conversation to clear the air.  Own your role in the existing problem, and seek a solution together.

  6. Provide on-the-spot guidance when needed. Be accessible, resourceful, and clear.  Build confidence as you direct.

  7. Explain the why behind the what. People work more effectively when they understand the bigger picture behind their tasks and projects.  Be transparent.

  8. Demonstrate 60-second empathy. Investing a minute to communicate concern for someone’s loss, diagnosis, or challenge reveals your humanity and enhances your image.

  9. Highlight one success each week. Specific praise goes a long way to motivate and energize folks.  Even a “C” player can turn around.

  10. Create an experience. Explore imaginative ways to replace daily “blahs” with “ah-has.”  Energize your culture by spicing up routine.

Adopting all or some of these leadership tips can change your work world.  I promise.

Sylvia HeplerSylvia Hepler, President of Launching Lives, LLC, specializes in career development for executives and managers.  She supports clients as they upgrade their current job performance, seek and land a promotion, and plan and navigate a career transition.  Her full-service company provides individual and group coaching, live workshops, teleseminars and webinars, small group facilitation, retreats, and keynote speeches.  Clients describe her coaching style as empathetic, curious, direct, supportive, focused, persistent, and bold. 

Sylvia grew up in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, and graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a B.S. Degree in Education in 1976.

Are you concerned your Coaches Handbook is missing some critical plays?  HR Resolutions can review your handbook for content and suggest strategies to come out on top.  Contact us at (717) 652-5187 or email [email protected].

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