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Office romance

Love: A Fine Thing (But Maybe Not at the Office!)

To quote John Paul Young, “Love is in the air, everywhere I look around,” and that holds true even at the office. People can fall in love, flirt, and meet future partners anywhere they go and (un)fortunately, that also includes…
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company party celebration

Proper Etiquette and Behavior for Company Events and Parties

If the phrase “please, keep your shirt on” has ever been uttered at one of the company holiday parties, then someone wasn’t practicing proper business etiquette.
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woman blocking her ears

Momma Always Said…

Polite people do not talk about pay, religion or politics! Well, the National Labor Relations Act begs to differ with Mom and says that employees MAY talk about pay – it’s a protected, concerted activity (wages, terms and conditions of…
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filing folders cabinet

The Benefits of Reviews and Evaluations

Often, busy organizations get so focused on their day-to-day tasks that it can be difficult to maintain a consistent evaluation process for existing managers and their employees. This is not something to be overlooked! One of the biggest benefits of…
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two men arguing

Stay Calm & Carry On: Tips for Dealing with Workplace Disputes

You say this, they say that. You think something is obvious, but your employees seem to think otherwise. One of the great challenges in dealing with workplace disputes is that, as the business owner or manager, 99% of issues that…
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Up in Smoke: What New Drug Statutes Mean for Your Business

If there’s one thing we can all count on, it’s that everyone recognizes the essential importance of maintaining a drug-free workplace, right? Well…sort of. Federally regulated companies such as those in the trucking and transportation industries are compelled by very…
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company holiday party

Holiday Fun or HR Under the Gun: Seven Keys to a Successful Season

December is always an interesting time of year for human resource professionals. While senior management is focusing on achieving year-end revenue goals and many employees are running ragged from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and beyond, those in charge of…
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