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Having Fun at Work and Beating the “Winter Doldrums”

Whether it’s seasonal affective disorder or you’re simply bummed out because of the cold, gray skies, and snow, winter can be a tough time to stay productive in the workplace. We all handle the season differently but injecting a bit…
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Three Types of Employees

If you were to look around your office right now, could you identify the different types of employees you have? I’m not talking about identifying their roles or positions. You’ll be able to name the accountants versus the sales team.…
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Culturally Speaking

In my years of experience, the one thing I’ve learned is that a company’s culture can be the determining factor if employees stay at their jobs. But what exactly does that even mean? By definition, corporate culture refers to “the…
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Gender Schmender

I’m often asked what I do to combat gender inequality in the work place, and my answer may be shocking: I do nothing. To me, gender schmender. I don’t believe that gender inequality exists; in my experience, as an HR…
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Corporate Culture

What is your corporate culture? Does it accurately reflect the company you envisioned? How is your message conveyed? Company handbooks are the written documentation of your company’s culture. They are the best piece of internal advertising that you have for…
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5 Ways to Gain Employees’ Respect

Respect in the workplace is as crucial as productivity when it comes to the bottom line. Without respect, no manager will succeed, which could mean a company that fails as a result. Respect is a two-way street, but it is…
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Three Steps to Creating a Drama-Free Workplace

Managing employees can be tough. From the hiring process to the daily dealings you have with your employees, there are a multitude of areas to manage that, if handled ineffectively, can start drama. These issues that come up can be…
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two men arguing

Stay Calm & Carry On: Tips for Dealing with Workplace Disputes

You say this, they say that. You think something is obvious, but your employees seem to think otherwise. One of the great challenges in dealing with workplace disputes is that, as the business owner or manager, 99% of issues that…
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company holiday party

Holiday Fun or HR Under the Gun: Seven Keys to a Successful Season

December is always an interesting time of year for human resource professionals. While senior management is focusing on achieving year-end revenue goals and many employees are running ragged from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and beyond, those in charge of…
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