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Speedy Delivery: Why Your Email System Isn’t Entirely Yours Anymore

Email. It’s one of the most indispensable tools in business today. It’s also the bane of existence for countless employees and employers alike, as we all find ourselves fighting feverishly to survive the inbox onslaught that plagues our daily lives.
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Working in the Amazon: Knowing When Employees Need to Be Paid…and When They Don’t

What constitutes work? This may seem like a simple question, but for employers – especially those managing an hourly workforce – the question can become surprisingly tricky. Ever since a 1947 amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the definition…
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Be It Resolved: HR Resolutions Celebrates 10 Years

Employers in the Central Pennsylvania region and beyond have been avoiding the pitfalls of Accidental HR for the last decade thanks to the work of the region’s leading human resource services firm, HR Resolutions. HR Resolutions celebrated its 10th Anniversary…
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What Employers Should Know About ‘Ban-the-Box’ Laws

Would you ever hire a convicted criminal to work for your company? How about a person who has been adjudicated through the courts, or an individual who has served time? Each of these phrases essentially means the same thing –…
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Beefing Up Benefits: Six Strategies to Strengthen Your Package

You’ve developed stronger position descriptions, beefed up your budget for competitive pay, established a clear profile for your ‘best-fit’ job candidates, and ramped up recruiting efforts. Now, you just have to select the right people. After all, once you find…
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Say It Ain’t So: Know What Not to Ask Your Next Future Hire (Accidental HR)

One of the greatest challenges businesses face is to develop an effective process for attracting, recruiting, evaluating and hiring talented employees for the company. Studies show that the number one problem with most job interviews is that the employer talks…
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Do You Have a Passion for Payroll? Join Us for a Year-End Payroll Seminar

We’re pleased to announce that Karen Young of HR Resolutions will be the featured speaker for a seminar series presented by Stambaugh Ness, CPAs in November and December 2014. The series will include in-person events in York, Camp Hill, Lancaster…
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Know Your Rights…and Theirs: What One Jimmy John’s Franchisee Learned the Hard Way About HR (Accidental HR)

You run a foodservice business – one that is part of a national franchise network whose brand is built on the promise of clean, fresh, tasty food made to-order. Some of your employees decide to begin an organizing effort, in…
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Reporting, Regulations & Requirements: Essential Reminders for Your HR Team (Did You Know?)

It’s that back-to-school time of year and for many of us, school always meant the Three R’s, which stood for “Readin’, Ritin’ and ‘Rithmetic”. However, if you’re managing human resources for a company then the Three R’s might actually stand…
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Classify Correctly and Stay Classy: Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees (Accidental HR)

When you’re running at full speed and trying not to trip, it’s often the little things that mess you up. And when it comes to human resources, these gremlins are particularly dangerous when you’re practicing “Accidental HR” – the unplanned,…
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