Accidental HR (SM) – But first, lemme take a selfie!

Accidental HR℠ – But first, lemme take a selfie!

So we’ve all seen “those” pictures on social media. You know, the ones where it is obvious the person indulged a bit too much at happy hour and then they started posting to Facebook or Twitter.  It happens! But we need to know how we are going to handle it if it goes too far.

The best tip is to have a Social Media Policy in place; include it in your handbook if you can.  Your employees are an extension of your company and you don’t want their actions to give you a bad name. However, you also don’t want to mistakenly step on their rights to discuss wages, terms or conditions of employment!

Possible policies could include:

– You should not post pictures of yourself to a personal page if you are wearing a company logo (ie hat, t-shirt, etc.) if alcohol is included in the photo.

– You cannot post pictures of yourself to a personal page acting in a manner that would go against company policy while you are on company property. (IE, giving the middle finger while sitting at your desk.)

– You should not use your work email as your user name for personal social media sites.

– Any Illegal activity that is documented on your Social Media Pages may not be wise.

The list goes on… Be sure all of your policies are clear and precise.  Make sure YOU know the protection EMPLOYEES have on social media but, don’t forget, YOU have some protections too!

Do you have questions on how to handle your Social Media Policy? Give HR Resolutions a call today!

Does your company have a Social Media Policy already in place? We want know! Head on over to Facebook and let us know if you do, don’t or are working on it!

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