Accidental HR℠ – Tying It All Together

Having a cohesive plan for anything you want to accomplish is always helpful, especially when you are trying to tie your Company’s Mission, Vision and Values all together.

If you have a great mission statement, if all of your employees are staying true to the mission and your company’s values remain intact with each and every employee, you will create an environment of happy employees who work with happy customers.  Now that is a formula to get excited about!

Remember you’ll need to focus on these things:

1) Good, solid job descriptions- make sure each employee knows exactly what their role requires.

2) Recruit the RIGHT people- make sure you keep the mission and values in mind during the interview process.

3) Use your mission statement and core values during performance evaluations- it’s a great time to reiterate this with your employees and point out any areas where they are missing the mark OR exceeding all expectations!

4) When Disciplining and Coaching your employees, stay TRUE to the values and the mission- use every opportunity you can to show the employee how she or he can better perform by keeping the ideals of the company in mind. If someone isn’t living up to the mission, don’t ignore it; help them.

Are you having trouble getting your employees on board? Need help creating a clearer mission statement? Contact HR Resolutions today so we can discuss a plan for you and your company!

We’d love to hear your company’s mission statements (and give you some free online publicity!). Just go to Linked In and tell us your Company’s Mission Statement! You might learn something from other companies that you never thought of before!

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