What does Accidental HR (SM) actually mean?

Well for starters, most people don’t intend to go into HR.  Even people like me, who love every aspect of it.  Heck, I was a music major when I first went to Lebanon Valley College.  Short lived, though it was, I changed to a business major.  And took an elective; the one that changed my life: Organizational Psychology.

But with no “Personnel Major” (That’s what they called it way back then!) I ended up doing a double major in Psychology. And that’s when I went off to get my dream job! Well, I couldn’t get one without experience and I couldn’t get experience without the job.  So Hospitality it was!

My big break came 3 years after college… working as a temp processing payroll for a restaurant holding company. And then I was truly in love with my HR profession, just like you!

Wait, you’re not? But Human Resources is taking care of your most important resource! {Sniffles a bit}.

Ok, I get it.  I get asked all the time, how do I handle all that “stuff”? (You don’t always say “stuff”, but…)  I wonder the same thing about my accountant and how they handle all that stuff!

My point is that I ACCIDENTALLY fell into HR just like you. I just made it my career.  You probably do a ton of other things; wear a bunch of other hats.  You might do the accounting AND HR.  You probably do sales AND HR. You handle customer service AND HR.

So, you don’t have to love HR like me.  You certainly don’t have to know everything about Human Resources and Payroll and Hiring and Firing and Discipline and Benefits and…. well you know, the “stuff.”

You just have to know that HR Resolutions is here to support YOU.  We do love HR, whether we tripped and fell into it or not. We love to make your life easier and will give you time to work on YOUR stuff!

Whenever you need us, we are just a phone call or email away!

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