Accidental HR℠ and Recruiting

Help Wanted!! And by “help” you really mean YOU need help finding the right employees! And that is even truer if you’re new to recruiting. First and foremost, use the best resource ever invented: Word of Mouth! Tell everyone you know. Sometimes, you may already know the best candidate. And if not, maybe co-workers and other employees have a potential new-hire for you to talk to – don’t forget to tell your friends too! If the pool is still a little empty, you could try some recruiting on Social Media. And this doesn’t always mean you need to pay for a big add on Facebook or LinkedIn; you could just simply post a status every few days stating what you are looking for and asking for your friends to share. When you use Social Media though, you should be prepared for disgruntled employees or unhappy customers to possibly have their say. Be sure you only respond to them with professionalism; if it escalates into harassingly frequent posts from them, you can always block them. State Job Boards are another excellent way to find fabulous newbies. It isn’t like the “old” unemployment office anymore. It is free, generally offers a no-cost resume search service and even a “recruiter”. Let’s face it; many people have been laid off, due to downsizing of companies, who are more than qualified to work for you! Lastly, don’t wait! Use as many resources as possible as soon as you decide you’re ready for another employee. The process may take time and you don’t want to stretch your current staff too thin while they pick up the missing worker’s slack and you scramble to find someone. HR Resolutions is happy to help you with your recruiting plan! Please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions or concerns about hiring the right people for your company! Know of a friend or coworker who could benefit from this series? Forward this to them and have them reply to [email protected] with ADD ME and have them tell us YOU sent them! You and they will both be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Amazon Gift card. Drawing will be held the first week of April!

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