Accidental HR℠ and Job Descriptions

So you’re not the HR Manager. Your company doesn’t have an HR Manager. You’re the owner, assistant, sales manager, host, but you’re not the HR Manager. Yet, you still find yourself doing some of the hiring, training, disciplining, etc. You’re what HR Resolutions calls the “Accidental HR Manager℠.”

During the month of March we will be diving into the world of HR for those of you who had it fall into your lap. You may have volunteered (or let’s face it, been given the stink eye until you agreed) to help out in this area but you probably are still feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, and we are here to help you start to navigate the world of working with employees and staff.

Let’s start with Job Descriptions.

The job description is extremely important as it is basically the hub in the wheel that makes everything else go ‘round. Hiring, Performance Evaluations, Discipline and Terminations should all be based on the Job Description.

When you are looking for the proper candidate for the job, you need to know what they will be doing so you can determine if the interviews are leading you to the right person. Once they have joined your team, you need some form of measurement; are they performing their job duties appropriately and fully? If you need to discipline an employee, you’ll need something tangible to go back to so you can say, “we discussed this as part of your job.” If you do need to terminate an employee, it will be good back up and support for you to put it simply that they just weren’t doing their job appropriately and the way it was spelled out in the job description.

Too much detail is often the biggest detriment to the job description. Instead of writing it like a procedure or process document, think of it as a general summary of the responsibilities. Imagine as if your job description is a resume: if you received it, would you read it? Or would you throw it out because there are too many words? If you’d throw it out, rewrite it!

As we all know, job descriptions evolve. Yours probably did, when you started writing job descriptions! Be sure to review your employees’ job descriptions often and keep them up-to-date. This is also a great time to get the employee’s involvement. They know better than anyone what they do every day!

If you are struggling with writing job descriptions or you just don’t even know where to start, give us a call. HR Resolutions can help you with all of your job description needs!

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