Accidental HR℠ and Discipline

Uh Oh! Your employee is late, again! Or has left early too frequently, isn’t meeting production quotas or is not upholding company standards. There are so many possible reasons you may need to “discipline” an employee, but none of them are easy things to discuss.

One way to approach discipline is to use it as a coaching opportunity rather than punishment. Improvement is the ultimate goal, right? So think of it as a discussion on “how to” improve.

One of 3 things will happen when an employee is disciplined: the employee will improve, the employee will not improve and will be terminated or the employee will exit the organization on their own. In the end, these are all a WIN for your organization! You’ve either helped an employee grow or you’ve made room for a better fit.

Keep in mind that it is the performance not the person you are disciplining. When you have your discussion with the employee, have some specific examples ready of what’s NOT right. On the flip side, have some examples of what “right” is, so the employee knows what improvement will look like. Make sure the person absolutely understands what’s expected moving forward and what will happen if change doesn’t happen.

Once the conversation is done, agree to a follow up date and time to be sure the employee is on the right path to improving and growing in their position.

Do you need to talk to someone about how to handle a disciplinary situation at your work place? Give HR Resolutions a call and we will be happy to help!

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